What Do Scrapyards Do to Scrapped Cars?

You have a junk car and want to take it to the scrapyard for cash, but have you ever wondered what happens to junk cars once they get there, or what they do with crushed cars? And, of course, the most important question — how much can I get for my junk car? In this article, we provide answers to all these questions and help you make a better economical decision.

What Do Scrapyards Do to Scrapped Cars?

Have you got cars that need to be scrapped? Do you want to get some cash for it? All you have to do is find a service or a professional who scraps cars, drive it to the scrapyard yourself or get a pick-up, and collect the cash. 

But what happens to your car next? Before sending an old vehicle straight to a car crusher, there are a few procedures. Let’s see what they are:

1. Arrival at the Scrapyard for Cars

After junk car removal services pick up your scrap car, or it gets towed, many stages take place. The scrapyard inspector looks through a declaration from a customer, checking for hazardous materials or valuable parts.

As soon as the inspection is finished, the vehicle will be lifted to the area where it will go through the depollution process.

2. Depollution Process

In a broad sense, cars are full of pollutants. The operation occurs in a secluded depollution building and is conducted with extra caution and safety.

The industry-certified professionals strip down a car to its shell. This is necessary for the check-up of the insides — everything from the battery to the electronics. Functioning pieces are saved for release, while dead ones are recycled.

The workshop engineers’ first order of business is to remove the battery because they contain toxic materials regardless of the type. The next step would be to remove the tires. After comes fluid removal, including oil, gas, lubricants, and coolant. It is an essential step since these liquids are hazardous.

In addition, most scrap companies would remove all the glass from the windows, windscreens, bumpers, and other large plastic components and send them for recycling.

3.   Other Car Parts That Need to Come Out

It may come to your surprise, but there are numerous parts of a car that need safe disposal. For instance, if airbags, doors, and GPS systems are intact, they are removed for future sale on the market.

4.   Shredding, Crushing, and Fragmenting

When the depollution is finished, the vehicle moves to a crushing stage. And what happens to old cars there? The answer is fairly simple — they are crushed. The vehicle is placed into a car crusher, which will compress and flatten it in several directions.

What happens to cars after they are crushed? Well, next comes the shredding. The car is transferred to another industrial machine – the shredder. What happens to crushed cars in the shredder? Here, your old car is effortlessly sliced into smaller chunks.

All shredded pieces are delivered to a conveyor belt, where they travel under a vacuum to remove lightweight parts, like plastic. The magnet separates the metal from the scrapped cars into two parts — ferrous and non-ferrous. The most valuable and useful elements for any scrap yard are non-ferrous (do not contain any iron).

The final stage would be to send non-ferrous metals to a heavy media separator, where the metals are mixed with a molten fluid. It completes the process of separation from a full car to individual metals.

5.  Recycling

After shredding, some remaining metal parts are sold for recycling. The process of scrapping junk cars is the one with the “nothing goes to waste” motto. Incoming materials are weighed, priced according to the trade market, and the seller gets paid for the purchase.

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Fun Facts About Scrapping Your Car

Auto recycling and car scrapping is common practice nowadays. As we described the whole process, let’s take a look at some fascinating facts related to the automobile industry and scrapped cars.

1. Around 95% of the scrap is recycled

Statistically speaking, in the US, nearly 12 million cars are recycled annually, yet the number for Europe is nearly 8 million. Scrap cars are the most recycled consumer good in the world.

Within recent years, the recycling industry has gotten more advanced. Now, it is easier to recycle various types of material, from metals to glass, rubber, and leather. Recycling is an organic way to prolong the use of some details if in good condition or to create new cars, or to use said details for an array of other purposes. 

2. Scrapyard cars travel abroad

Where do old cars go after they are recycled? Not all steel stays in the country. The vast majority is shipped abroad. Many junk car service companies export scrapped cars and parts overseas. Such an option is especially relevant when a client has a car with foreign plates that are not registered in their current country of residence.

3. Auto recycling saves around 85 million barrels of oil every year

Oil is used in the manufacturing of new auto and car parts. But in recent years, car recycling has helped to reduce the demand for oil. It saves approximately 85 million barrels of oil, which could have been used for producing or assembling cars or their parts. 

Benefits of Sending Your Car to a Scrapyard

Dealing with junk vehicles with time becomes ineffective and expensive. Hence, scrapping old cars has its benefits. Stripping off high-quality parts or recycling the metal is one of the biggest advantages. But there are plenty of other pluses to scrapping your car. 

1. Extra Space in Your Garage

Any car takes up a lot of space in a garage. So, do not cram it with an old car. Save your time and money by towing your car to the scrapyard, or contact a junk car removal service to deal with it. These services would remove a junk car, leaving you with a roomy place for a new car or extra storage. 

2. Trade for Cash

In most places for scrapped cars; customers are paid upfront in cash. It is one of the quickest ways to eliminate car trading worries. Additionally, you can receive compensation for the provided scrap metal.

Plus, if your car goes through constant breakdowns, then scrapping it would save your budget in the long term.

3. Eco-Friendly

As we’ve mentioned, many parts in the average car can be reused and recycled. Scrap metal recycling is the biggest environmental advantage. On top of that, it keeps dangerous chemicals out of landfill. Note: the metal can be used in other cars, metal objects, and even in consumer electronics.

4. Better Offer

When comparing the value and what you can receive for your old car from the scrap yard or a dealership, there is a major difference. With the former, you can get a higher offer regardless of a car’s condition and do not have to go through all the bureaucracy.

Consider contacting the atlantaautorecycler.com team, who buys junk cars in Atlanta for top cash and take’s all the hassle of removing and disposing of your vehicle. 

How Much Can I Get for Scraping A Car?

Have you decided to dispose of your vehicle because it is old, damaged, or at the end of its life? Then you may be wondering what’s the scrap value of your car. The average value for scrapped vehicles varies from $150 to $300. Note that for smaller vehicles, the prices range lower than $100. 

You can find the exact sum you’ll receive for your car as we use a scrap car value calculation

Additionally, consider selling valuable parts if you want to get the most out of your scrapped car. As we’ve mentioned above, certain parts, especially electronics, can cost a fortune. 

How Are Scrap Cars Priced?

Many factors can drive car scrap values higher or lower:

  • Year or Model — If the vehicle’s year, make, and model are in high demand, then expect to get a large payout for scrapping it. 
  • Location – Metal is not usually processed at the scrap yard. It is transported to some place which always in further proximity. The scrap yard will include financial expenses for the cost of transportation. Therefore, you’ll get less for your scrap car. 
  • Vehicle’s Age – The older the car is, the lower the value. The newer vehicles will be priced higher for their working components. 

Getting rid of an old car is a simple process that won’t take much time. At atlantaautorecycler.com, we offer high standards, immaculate customer service, and free paperwork and pickup. Contact us to get the process started, set a date (it can be the same day), and get rid of your old, rusty car once and for all (and get paid for it!). 


After being crushed, cars are shipped to a recycling center. There, auto shredding takes place, where junk cars are separated into small pieces and sorted into various metals afterward. 

Sending a junk car to a scrapyard is easier and safer than selling it for an individual yourself. Scrap companies are registered, and it is faster for them to purchase old vehicles. Also, they rid you of any hassle and inconveniences — the ones when you try to sell it on your own. On top of everything, it is best for the environment. 

The short answer is no. There are many factors that can fluctuate the price range. For instance, the car’s year, model, brand, and weight. If your old car is still in demand, you’ll get a higher price for scrapping it, as there might be valuable parts.  

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